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9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
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Dr. David Mallory: Chiropractic Physician:
Education:Graduate of Live Chiropractic University; 1988
Memberships: Florida Chiropractic Association
International Chiropractic Association
Flagler/Volusia Chiropractic Association
Daytona Beach Oceanside Rotary Club (Past President 1998)
Speaking Engagements: Daytona Beach Women's Club
Lion's Club
Rotary Club
Pelican Bay Women's Club
1013 Club
Continuing Education: Chiropractic Biophysics
Impairment Rating for Disability Evaluation
Whiplash Injuries
Worker's Compensation

Linda Stone: Office Manager: "It has been my pleasure to be associated with this clinic for 24 years. I had been a chiropractic patient for 3 years while living in Michigan and experienced my own chiropractic miracle for a severely pinched nerve in my neck. When I moved to Florida in 1984, I needed both a job and a chiropractor. What great fortune to have found the BEST OF BOTH in the same place. It is always a pleasure to see other patients have the same great results that I did."

My Motto: "Make chiropractic your first choice, not your last."

"My duties include helping Dr. Mallory run an efficient practice, managing the insurance dept and caring for patients."

Karen Cunningham: Chiropractic Assistant: "I became a chiropractic patient as a young teenager. Three years previous to my first visit, I had seen 6 neurosurgeons who told me I was epileptic, had a brain tumor, and amongst other things certainly would be dead by the age of 19. After a few years of unnecessary medication and a lot of pain my brother took me to see his chiropractor while visiting here in Florida. The doctor x-rayed my neck and showed me my problem. A cervical vertebrae had turned so severely from a past trauma that it had cut off circulation to a major artery in my neck. It felt incredibly better after my first adjustment and stayed on track to get well quickly. The experience I had sold me on chiropractic treatment. Additionally, it prompted by brother to become a chiropractor. I became certified as a chiropractic assistant in the mid 80's and have been working with chiropractic offices since. It is my pleasure to work with Dr. Mallory at Neck, Back and Headache Relief Center."

As an assistant to Dr. Mallory, I provide physical and chiropractic therapy, instruct patients and manage the office clerical duties.

Lynn Loman: Receptionist/Office Assistant: "With over two decades of managerial experience, I welcome my position as Receptionist/Office Assistant with much enthusiasm. I have encouraged many of my family and friends to experience the benefits of chiropractic care with great results. Our office welcomes patients as part of our family, where we know your name and we care about your well-being."

Favorite chiropractic quote: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in thoracic care of the human frame and diet, and the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Edison.

"In the office, I am either the first person you speak to on the phone or welcomes you in the clinic. New patients receive my assistance in completing forms. Then I assist each patient with their needs."

Pam Hathaway: Licensed Massage Therapist: "Being a Florida resident since I was three months old, I have come to love this state. The incredible weather allows me to do what I enjoy; following nature, anything to do with the ocean and meeting lots of new people. My first career of 8 years was graphic arts. In 1991, I started working in a clinical setting as a chiropractic assistant. As much as I loved chiropractic and the great benefits it offers, my true desire is working with my hands and helping people. In 1994, I decided to go to school for massage therapy. I have been licensed since 1995 and absolutely love massage. I am truly blessed and am very thankful to have found my life's calling."


Many Insurances Accepted

Neck, Back and Headache Relief Center - 1033 S. Ridgewood Avenue, Daytona Beach - (386)248-8000

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